Your Happiness Is Important 

Are you doing a job you hate, just to make ends meet?. Do you feel like turning back around to leave the minute you get to work?. Well if so this is for you…
I had always heard of the saying never do what you don’t love because you will always be unhappy. I honestly always thought it’s just one of those sayings that never apply to anyone, that it was just something only successful people say.
Until I actually experienced it first hand, I was quite surprised I felt that way.

I went to work and everyone seemed very nice, the job itself was not that hard but it was quite monotonous. I kept telling myself I could tough it out for a week but as the minutes ticked by I kept wondering how long till home time. I realised I was extremely unhappy but I didn’t want to let people down.

I managed to get through the day but it felt so soul destroying I promised myself I would never put myself in that position again.
I decided that I was going to find something I truly loved to do and actually feel happy about getting up in the morning. There’s no point in being absolutely unhappy everyday just to please other people.
Have you had a similar experience?, if so I would love if you could share it with me.

Celeste X


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