My top 4 Netflix shows

Let’s be honest nobody really watches t.v anymore these days with everyone being so busy. Netflix makes it easy for you to watch all your favourite shows whenever you feel like it. 

I love Netflix for that reason, and I know I won’t go into a panic trying to find an episode I haven’t watched yet. 

So my favourite shows so far are:

Pretty Little Liars – I’m sure everyone knows what this show is about, if not it’s worth watching.  We can finally find out who A is, like we’ve waited long enough ha ha. The last season so far seems like it will give us answers to all the questions we been asking. So glad Noel is out of the picture he was pretty annoying. Hopefully it’s doesn’t end on a really big cliff hanger like Gilmore Girls lol. 

Designated Survivor – for anyone that was a fan of 24 then this show is for you, it’s kind of similar without the constant countdown obviously. It has the conspiracies, the White House and Keifer Sutherland what more could you want. 

•Once Upon A Time – I know this may not be for everyone but I myself was actually skeptical at first. I watched the first episode of the first season and I was hooked, it’s a modern twist on legendary fairy tales. It has Villians, Heroes, Handsome Princes, Princesses and the promise of true love saving the day. ( I know a bit much but once you get into it, it’s amazing lol)

Last but not least:


So I am obsessed with this show, it’s based on characters by the Archie Comics.

 It’s a seemingly quiet small town where a dead body has just been discovered. A small town where this sort of thing doesn’t happen, and it’s the body of one of the richest boys in school Jason Blossom.  Everyone wants to find out what happened, while the teens are going on with their lives dealing with mean girls, loners, jocks, sexuality and all the unexpected twists you don’t see coming leave you wanting more. It might not be the best description but I don’t want to give too much away, but honestly it’s a really great show which I recommend and give a 5/5. What are your favourite shows?. 

Celeste X 


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