Summer is finally here and I am so happy it’s like Christmas!. I love the fact that we can finally have barbecues and it’s actually warm outside, drinks are flowing and everyone has a really good vibe. Not to mention all the burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings and steak (and salad of course ) you’re going to get your hands on. With not that much washing up afterwards which is a plus.

 Now you can finally wear shorts and a t-shirt without worrying about having to bring a jacket along 24/7. You can actually wear flip flops/ sandals all day or go barefoot if you’re feeling it. I also love the fact that all the flowers start to bloom again, my favourite being cherry blossoms unfortunately I suffer from bad hayfever so it’s not completely perfect.

Either way Summer is the best time of year for me, what do you consider the best time of the year?. Let me know in the comments section. 

Celeste X


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