Cosmo Restaurant  

I paid a visit to the new Watermark Complex in Southampton. I heard it was pretty amazing so I really wanted to check it out. It has about 20 restaurants such some of which are Franco Manca, Thaikhun, Byrons, Red Dog and Cosmo. 

It also has a bowling complex which is great since I love bowling and there is a cinema which has 10 screens and probably the best view as it is on the highest floor. 

Cosmo looked quite interesting as it is a buffet style menu, but the best part is there are so many dishes from around the world to choose from and they have live cooking stations. That was quite unexpected but very unique, all the food was prepared well and so fresh.  

If you are in that area pop by and try it out I certainly enjoyed it. 

Food 5/5

I had a quite a few dishes Indian, Italian and Chinese they were so delicious. I had no room for desert unfortunately.

Drinks 4/5

The drinks were made perfectly and you can also refill your drink since it’s a buffet which was helpful. 

Service 5/5

Staff were friendly, efficient and very quick once our drinks orders were placed. 

Atmosphere 4/5

It was quite busy as expected, families and large groups of people filled almost all the seating areas. 

It’s definitely a place I would recommend, if you have a large group with different tastes as there is something for everyone. The decor was very modern contemporary which was a nice touch.  


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